Payment FAQ


Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Payments can be made online via a browser via the AMG Web Portal.  You can also pay by mailing a physical check.

You can contact Mari Edmondson from AMG via email: or by phone: 815-744-6822.  You will need to provide an email account that will be used to logon to the service.

AMG’s web portal offers Grande Park Community Members the ability to sign up for and process payments via ACH, Credit/Debit Cards or eCheck.  AMG’s ACH program is a FREE service with Member payments drafted on the 10th day of January and May each year.  The Credit/Debit Card program directs Members to our third-party processing vendor Zego/Paylease where there is a minimal service charge for utilizing their services.  The other option is to register with the association’s banking institution, Alliance Association Bank (AAB) to schedule payments via eCheck which is also a Free service.